TableTurn™ is a revolutionary platform designed specifically for restaurants to streamline operations and maximize profits. The platform offers solutions that seamlessly integrate with a variety of leading restaurant point of sale systems, including Exatouch® POS!


Tableside Ordering

EMV/NFC with Tip Adjust

Customer Reviews

Gift Card Program

Open API with a Variety of POS Systems

All this in one, easy-to-use platform!


Increase operational efficiency, boost security, and enhance the customer experience with a FREE*, integrated countertop solution that plugs into your point sale of system.

  • Accept EMV/NFC payments with tip adjust
  • Save on processing costs
  • Reduce chargebacks & fraud
  • Process payments securely
  • Access Electronic Payments’ 24/7, in-house technical support

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Improve Customer Experience

Customers pay quickly and securely. Enter tip on the receipt or adjust the tip later!

Optimize Server Productivity

Simplify server reconciliation, minimize user errors, and speed up checkout!


Revolutionize your restaurant with tableside ordering and payment processing using a FREE*, integrated wireless solution!

You get everything the countertop solution offers—plus a host of powerful tools that can take your restaurant to new heights.

  • Quick, convenient server access
  • Eliminate back and forth between tables and workstations with tableside ordering and payment processing
  • Simplify server reconciliation and minimize errors
  • Easily split checks and tender types
  • Digital billfold enables guests to pay at the table so their card never leaves their sight—plus they can pay when they’re ready and rate their service in just a few clicks!
  • Send e-receipts via email and text, or print receipts at the table using the built-in printer
  • Enjoy FREE setup, training, and 24/7 support from our industry-leading technical support team!

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Quicker Table Turns = More Revenue + More Tips

Discover how TableTurn can reduce your costs and turn tables faster than ever.

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*Electronic Payments merchant account required. Contact us for details.
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